Chrysanth Diary [Personal]
  • Chrysanth Diary [Personal]

Chrysanth Diary [Personal]

Life is Wonderful. Never skip a page of your life...

"Dear Diary, today is such a wonderful day..."

Life is indeed short.

With Chrysanth Diary [Personal], you can begin capturing the life moments that mean the most to you — within just a few minutes! You can start from scratch, or you can start "stitching together" various resources you may have — from your childhood (or ongoing) written diaries to your current notebooks and new digital photographs.

Whether it's your first love, school memories, family events or vacation trips, now you have an easy way to digitally archive it all for quick, easy reference. The interface is easy to use, and it includes all the handy diary tools you'll ever need, right at your fingertips.

Chrysanth Diary and Chrysanth Journal offers exactly the same features and functionalities. The only difference between Chrysanth Diary and Chrysanth Journal is the product identity that suits the preference of different people, where Diary is using Pinkish theme with Butterfly while Journal is using Bluish theme with Paper Plane.

What You Will Get for Diary [Personal]

Premium Feature Premium Features      Essential Feature Essential Features

Better privacy with password protection Premium Feature
Powerful diary browser to navigate all entries Premium Feature
Spell check for typing mistakes Premium Feature
Thesaurus for richer vocabulary Premium Feature
Word Count statistics Premium Feature
Diary entry print preview and printing Premium Feature
Organizer Calendar print preview and printing Premium Feature
Backup, Restore and Compact diary databases Premium Feature
Organize diary entry by Months Premium Feature
Organize diary entry by Tags Premium Feature
Specify diary entry date and time Premium Feature
Search diary entry and photo with keywords Premium Feature
Extended diary entry properties like mood and weather Premium Feature
Find and replace text within diary entry Premium Feature
Insert Table layout Premium Feature
Insert special symbols Premium Feature
View Organizer Calendar by Week, Month or Year Premium Feature
Show / hide calendars in My Organizer Premium Feature
Change software UI theme Premium Feature
Export Organizer Calendar to PDF file Premium Feature
Export diary entry to RTF, TXT or HTML file Premium Feature
Show / hide Web Diary sharing Premium Feature
Show / hide charitable public ads Premium Feature
Write UNLIMITED diary entry Essential Feature
Import diary entry from RTF, TXT or HTML file Essential Feature
Organize entries in different diary databases Essential Feature
MS Office 2010 like diary editor Essential Feature
Express feelings with lovely emoticons
Essential Feature
Insert photo in diary entry Essential Feature
Insert hyperlink and file link in diary entry Essential Feature
Add bookmark in diary entry Essential Feature
Add photo attachment to diary entry Essential Feature
Navigate diary entries with Calendar view Essential Feature
Share diary entry to free Web Diary Essential Feature
Add / edit multiple Organizer Calendars Essential Feature
Store photos in unlimited photo album Essential Feature
Share photo to Flickr and Picasa Essential Feature
Elegant photo editor Essential Feature
Plugin support for photo editing Essential Feature
Specify favourite Startup Mode Essential Feature
Integrated Google and Wikipedia search Essential Feature

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