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Chrysanth Mail Manager

You've got mailIs it another junk mail that lands in the mailbox?

You've tried blocking repeat offenders. You've probably tried message rules to filter out spam mails by the words they use. But spammers use weird characters you can't even find on your keyboard! Maybe you've tried a junk-email-washer - one of those programs that moves suspicious mail into a "junk email folder". Trouble is, you still have to delete those spam mails...

Everyday, when you are about to launch your email client (be it Outlook, Thunderbird or etc), you are well aware of the fact that — piles of unsolicited junk mails are already sitting in your mail server waiting for you to fetch into your local email client. Unfortunately, you still have to launch your email application and bring into your mailbox all junk emails that spammers feel that you may potentially be interested!


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